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The rules of the Maritime Baths of Le Havre have been violated: 466 of the 713 beach huts with rounded roofs have taken on colors with the agreement of their owners.Ten shades and six widths, this is the giant barcode imagined by the graphic designer Dutchman Karel Martens to celebrate the city's 500th anniversary.Researchers from Le Havre Normandy University worked with him to define a program to ensure each cabin its uniqueness, based on the decree of François I, who founded the city.

At the origin of the project, La Havraise Elodie Boyer.In her cabin, a curtain to change when it's hot.She pulls out a table and two folding armchairs.Her neighbor, "the engineer", arrives, two boards under the arms.He received a letter from the town hall, which asks him to repair the terrace of his cabin as quickly as possible.After a coffee facing the sea, Elodie falls on a piece of concrete."This is the story of Le Havre.which goes back, she ponders.Auguste Perret rebuilt the city center in reinforced concrete after the Second World War, on a meter of rubble.In the distance, a container ship arrives from China.Elodie Boyer creates logos.

“The best seller of the last few weeks is the first“ Guide du routard ”! »Serge Wanstok, La Galerne bookstore

This year, she dressed bags of cement, which circulate in the port of Le Havre.With her companion, the writer Jean Segui, she founded, in 2011, the Non Standard Editions which manufacture incomparable book-objects.utopias ”, they say.The first, Lettres du Havre (2012), combined photographs of signs with imaginary letters.Line B (2014) told a story about tram stops, and the last born, Always the same story (272 pages, 28 euros), tells the same story three times to children, adolescents and adults.

Posted Date: 2020-08-27

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